Isabel "Clavel"

Isabel started singing and dancing in her native Sevilla at an early age.  She moved to the United States and after raising her family the call for the art came back.  She studied with Daniel de Córdoba and performed with his company and later started El Patio Flamenco.  She returns to Spain every year and has studied with Alicia Márquez and José Galván in Sevilla, Javier Cruz and with Manuel Betanzos in the Manolo Marin studio in Triana.

David Quintana

Born in Dallas, David began his interest and studies of flamenco guitar in Spain.  In Sevilla he met his wife Isabel, who dances flamenco and where he has studied flamenco guitar with Rafael Riqueni, Antonio Amador and José Manuel Tudela.  

He was the lead guitarist and music director for Daniel de Córdoba Bailes Españoles from 1993 until 2000. In 2001 he and Isabel went to live in Madrid, Spain for one year to continue their Flamenco studies.  He continues to perform locally with the Conté de Loyo Flamenco Theatre and Daniel de Córdoba Bailes Españoles as well as his own dance company El Patio Flamenco.






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