El Patio Flamenco



El Patio Flamenco


David Quintana & Isabel Clavel


El Patio Flamenco is a Flamenco Dance group formed in 1997 by guitarist David Quintana and singer/dancer Isabel Clavel  because of their love for Spain and the art of Flamenco.

The group has delighted audiences with their flamenco music and dance which is effusive and full of joy consisting of difficult complex rhythms and counter rhythms created by the performers with the combined sounds of the guitar, castanets, foot work, hand clapping and jaleo. The music may also be very profound which allows the dancer and guitarist to express their deep feelings.

El Patio Flamenco performs numerous "palos" or styles of flamenco. The performances are highly entertaining and educational which is sure to please all audiences. The group performs with custom attire and is available for performances upon request.

 El Patio Flamenco performs at special events, schools, private parties and selected restaurants in the Dallas Fort Worth area.



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